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Using technology to better our community, one founder at a time


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Our Mission

Creating an equitable path for early stage founders in the Middle GA area who are looking to build tech-enabled solutions for community challenges.


What is MaconThon℠?

  • MaconThon℠ is one part Hackathon, one part Accelerator, two parts Social Impact, and all Middle Georgia


  • We are a Hackathon infused Accelerator that offers resources and classes to take teams from idea to a social impact solution.


  • Teams create technology based solutions to tackle different challenges and problems in the Middle Georgia area and come up with a product to demo in a 3-month timespan.

Why was MaconThon℠ created?

  • Macon is an extremely ethnically diverse city. The majority of our 156, 762 population, 54.2% in fact, racially identifies as Black or African American. Despite that,  People of Color in Macon, particularly those who identify as Black or African American, are much more likely to be one of the poorest and least economically advantaged citizens within the city.


  • 25.2% of our population lives at or below the poverty line.

  • MaconThon℠ was created in order to help promote social change as well as to create an equitable path towards entrepreneurship for early stage founders.

Community organizations like MaconThon℠ rely on the involvement of community members who volunteer their time, skills, and resources to drive positive change. By actively participating in non-profit initiatives, individuals contribute to the betterment of their own communities, addressing pressing social issues, and improving the lives of those in need.

Engagement from the community strengthens the impact of organizations like ours, amplifies their reach, and creates a sense of unity and collective responsibility within society.

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