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The MaconThon is a collaboration of partners, supporters, mentors, staff, interns, resources, excellent cohort members, and so much more. We want to provide opportunities for collaboration to #hackforGood.


The MaconThon would not exist without sponsors and partnerships. We believe it takes a village to transform progress. Everyone plays a role. It takes a sponsor to help build and nurture a community. Sponsorships come in many shapes and forms.

a few of our supporters:

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Give a Resource

Safe Spaces

We meet in different places. If you would like to share your space with our cohort, please feel free to reach out.


Do you have some pretty cool resources, such as a framework or tool that can springboard our cohort? Get in touch.


Everyone loves a freebie. Have swag items representing Macon or Middle Georgia or tickets to an event that could encourage the cohort as they battle through the ups and downs of creating a solution? Get in contact because resources matter.

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give a talk


Everyone has a story, and you can inspire many by sharing how you can face challenges and rise above them or not. If you are an entrepreneur, CEO, in a tech position, or made a social impact in a meaningful way, our cohort wants to hear from you.


Each session in our program features a story time to inspire our group to continue as they face the challenge of constructing a meaningful solution. Your story can push them further or end up changing their perspective. Let them hear it.


mentor | office hour expert | intern

Our cohort needs guidance and assistance as they tackle many challenges in coming up with their solution. A mentor, office hour expert, or intern could help.

Mentors can work in tandem with Office Hour Experts with our cohort, as advice and real-world experience can push and pull cohort members in the right direction. Cohort members will need help understanding their user base to realize how social impact can make a difference because you know firsthand as an expert or mentor.

Interns work closely with different departments and have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects and tasks that impact MaconThon’s brand image. Interns will apply classroom-based knowledge to projects and gain essential skills needed to be career-ready. The MaconThon is dedicated to developing successful leaders, and we strive to make this internship as realistic and informative as possible.

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